The Offer

The Offer

Coaching for musicians, organizers, creative and cultural workers! –

Coachings for Musicians

Coachings Anna Barbara Kastelewicz:

Coaching and Consulting in the field of event activity, agency activity, association activity
  • Event planning and implementation – “From project idea to concert review”
  • Organization of agency and association
  • General basics, such as collecting societies, security in venues, insurance, ”K├╝nstlersozialkasse” (KSK)
  • Program design, Artistic concepts
  • Marketing, Press relations, Sponsoring
  • Quality management
Coaching and Consulting for performing musicians / artists / creative people
  • Hard skills / Soft skills – Competences for the professional practice of musicians, artists and creative people
  • Guidelines for Success
  • Business start-up and maintenance – “From acquisition to tax return”
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  • Legal for musicians – including: Contracts, Promotion, Booking, Management, Label, KSK, GEMA,
    Society for the Exploitation of Neighboring Rights (GVL), Insurances
  • Acquisition, Networking, Small talk, Negotiation strategies
  • Financial support – Foundation, Scholarships
  • Application Box
Coaching and Consulting for scientific work
  • Formalities for a scientific paper – “From the idea to publication”
  • Notes on research and Documentation
  • Scientific writing
  • Edition and Catalog of works, Program booklet, Articles.
Coaching and consulting for the development of personality
  • Goal setting and Career planning – “From vision to experience”
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  • Resource development and utilization
  • Competence enhancement , Creativity Development
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  • Stress Prophylaxis and Management
  • Mental training
  • Image building and Presentation

Coachings Lorenz Huber:


Coaching and Consulting for executives
  • Recognize and improve the effect of one’s own inner attitude on others
  • Recognizing and eliminating contradictions in leadership behavior
  • Convincingly communicate a clear sense of purpose
  • Involve and challenge the entire team
Coaching and consulting on the topic of sales
  • Learning from stakeholder management in opera operations
  • How can stars be integrated into the team?
  • And what can be learned from working with opera stars for dealing with “difficult” customers?
Coaching and Consulting on the topic of team building
  • Develop clear, but at the same time flexible roles
  • Promote personal responsibility
  • Allow informal leadership to a limited extent
  • Strengthen cooperation within the company



1. successful existence in the music industry

2. successful start-up for freelance musicians

3. further development of own skills

4. recognition of own strengths and weaknesses

5. teaching modern working methods in the music business


┬á– Coaching for musicians, organizers, creative and cultural professionals –

┬ę J.R├Âtzsch