– coachings in the areas of music, personality, art and culture, as well as coachings regarding agency work and event planning –


Our competence and what we have to offer

For over 15 years we were able to gather experience in the music business. Our agency KASTELEWICZ music in progress  uses this experience to give workshops at different universities, companies and other venues.

We offer workshops in the field of agency work and event planning. Ms Anna Barbara Kastelewicz has been the artistic director of the Musikfestival LĂĽneburger Heide and is now working on our own festival KulturSchlagLicht – Kulturfestspiele in Schlössern und Gärten. The coachings cover everything from arranging a artistic concept to builiding up a german e.V.

We also give workshops for freelance musicians in the areas of starting your own business – we take you from getting your first gig to doing your taxes – and courses about the major legal organications in Germany like the KSK, GEMA and GVL.

Another specific part of our workshops is about scientific working and writing. Ms Anna Barbara Kastelewicz is doing research regarding the special camps of the NKVD in the old DDR.

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Lorenz Huber / Anna Barbara Kastelewicz

Leadership Orchestra – with Lorenz Huber

Together with our partner, Lorenz Huber, we give coachings for managers and people who work in executive positions. Lorenz Huber developed a unique coaching concept in which he combines his skills as a trained conducter with his training as a professional coach. Together with the leadership orchestra we give workshops at big companies and institutions like the EU, Zurich Insurance and various music colleges.


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Coaching in progress – coachings and workshops for musicians, artists, event planners and perfomers!

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